God works in
amazing ways

God works in amazing ways! On a flight from Frankfurt to Nairobi, Chaplain Wanji sat next to a Kenyan Pastor who was coming home from a mission in New York. As they talked and got to know each other, he promised to include New Hope School to receive donated food. 




True to the pastor’s word, in 2 weeks we got the food. The food is packed with all the nutrients the children need. The food is cooked and ready to eat in 25 minutes! The children have received the food well and look forward to lunch. Two mothers have volunteered to prepare food for the children. 

daily Meal

As our school grows so is the food need.  We now have 80 children. Thanks be to God! The donated packaged grains’ mix  from Nairobi Ridgeways Baptist Church helps us to feed the children at least one meal a day. We are taking advantage of the rainy season to grow our own school food (collard greens, beans and maize) to alternate the meals. We need your help with buying food cooking oil, sugar, etc.

feed a child


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