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More Than Just Books


Less than 30 percent of children in Gitombo graduate from primary school. While Kenya’s Ministry of Education requires that the country’s official languages of Swahili and English be taught in primary schools, it is not always possible. 

Most Children

Most children in remote regions of Kenya can speak only their local language; few schools in these rural areas even have books.


It is critical to the future of these undeserved children that they are given the opportunity to read and speak the country’s official language

tusome Initiative

PAAV has ‘Tusome'(Let’s Read) initiative, which is designed to promote childhood literacy and foster an interest in reading that will help to prepare children in Gitombo for success in school and beyond.

Studies have shown that reading books out loud to children helps them to develop language and listening skills—and an appreciation for written words.

how you can Help

 In addition to setting up Gitombo Community School, 

PAAV has set up a community library for the village.

Your gift, large or small, will help to build a library that will bring the magic of books to children in need.

Support Gitombo Tusome

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