Packing Boxes for Gitombo B this Sunday!

I want to thank you for the great responses I have been getting from peopele who want to donate items for the Gitombo B Sunday School! Thank you so much.

The plan now is to do the packing at:
Christ Community Church
8085 E Hampden
Denver, CO 80231

I will be there with boxes from noon if you would like to help. Please feel free to call me at 303-483-5228 and let me know what you plan on donating so we pack relevant and doable materials!  Once again thank you so much.


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Bibles, Children’s Books & Educational Materials

Hello everyone!

I have been talking to a shipping agent who ships things to Kenya! My dream and prayer finally answered. I will go to U-Haul and buy boxes and we can fill them with items needed for the Sunday School in Gitombo B. Large boxes will cost about $200.

I am looking for drama clothes for the over 100 children – now known as Gitombo B Sunday School that has been meeting every Sunday afternoon! This has been so exciting for the community. They are practicing singing, and doing a Christmas skit to present to the community at Christmas. A first time Community Christmas! I am so excited about this. They need clothes, musical instruments, (harmonicas?) other objects etc… from Dollar Tree, Family Dollar or whatever you have and can donate.. ideas?

So here is a list:
Children’s Books and Bibles, Veggie Tales (we have electricity at the school now)
Bibles – including Study Bibles – what you have in your house and do not use
Shoes, T-Shirts, sweaters etc

We can fill the boxes this weekend so they can be picked before next week to make it before Christmas

When you hear this you may also be thinking “I wish I could be there and help organize the children and the school…” Could you? Please let me know!

I look forward to hearing from you.

On another note, I am so thankful to the $6,000 challenge match. Thank you to the “challengers,” and to those who have responded so positively! We are very close to meeting the $6,000.00 match. Another $2,500.00 needed. If you can help with that, please do!

Have a blessed day!

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Glea’s Story

Sept 11

I woke up early on May 24.  I was eager for my second visit to Gitombo B, Kenya to begin. Soon my friend and fellow traveler, Judy Kroonenberg, came.  My husband, Bill crammed all our gear into the car, and drove us to DIA.     There, we boarded Delta and OFF we went!  The flight took 23 hours- with stops in Detroit, Amsterdam and finally, Nairobi, Kenya.  We traveled 8,000 miles, left on a Tuesday afternoon, and arrived on Wednesday at midnight.  Wanji’s 2 sisters Ruth and Eunice were there to welcome us.  When we saw them, we were no longer tired-just eager to start doing our ministry for PAAV!

Ruth opened her home for us-and we expected to stay just a couple of days before going to the village.  We rested, changed dollars into shillings, picked up safari tickets, and bought 3 sewing machines and sewing supplies. After all that, we were ready to be driven to Gitombo.  There, Wanji was to introduce us to the people, the school children, the 2 teachers, and the caretaker, David. That all DID happen, but not until much later.

You see, God’s plans were different!  He first had to help deliver a baby girl!  After some delays, baby Daniela Wanjiru Mukunga, Wanji’s first grandchild was born! Emmy and Ricky, her parents, joined us in thanking God for this precious gift! They called her Daniela in recognition of how God rescued her at her birth same way he had done for Daniel in the Bible.

By now, it was Saturday, and we had time to attend a seminar in Nairobi sponsored by Ruth at a Country Club- the same venue where she has a ministry for children.  On Sunday we joined some of the Mukunga family in worship.  Our spiritual appetites were fed there by the singing, prayers and sermon. What a wonderful JOY we felt after those 5 busy days–now to be told that it was time to go to Gitombo!

Upon arrival, Mama Hannah was on the front porch with open arms-ready to receive us, her Denver, Colorado guests!  We spent 5 days and 4 nights with her. The language barrier was overcome, with lots of laughs and gestures. This Mother is a perfect example of a Christian who entertains strangers.

Now, I must tell you briefly of our ministry for PAAV at Gitombo B.

We saw that the water project for the village was running well. We marveled at the well-built home God has blessed PAAV with. It’s size and appearance was impressive. The new entry road, the entrance gate and the grounds all spoke of the man power and time taken to improve the property. The colorful exterior painting was attractive, as well as the tidy yard, banana trees, and new fence!  But, as we heard the sound of the children singing, we knew we were in the right place at the right time!  We could teach and love others as God had done to us!  What could be hard about that, we reasoned!

From now on, my memories of our 19 day mission will be titled:  “IT WAS GOD”!

You see, IT WAS GOD who provided the money for the 3 sewing machines:  Denver women, to be exact!

It WAS GOD who led us to the right stores, and who helped nephew Kush deliver them to NEW HOPE.

IT WAS GOD who kept us safe as we rode cars and taxis through the city streets.  Buses, bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrians all needing to get somewhere vied for space, reminding me of New York city.

But now, on Monday, May 30, 6 days after arriving in Kenya, it was our time to get to work!  The machines were set up in a sunny room, the 7 Mothers and baby George were waiting.  Judy was ready to teach basic sewing skills.

Picking the patterns, pinning, cutting and then sewing.  All went well until 2 of the 3 machines refused to work.  Help came in the form of a man tailor who lived nearby.  He soon had them fixed and the sewing went smoothly.  The women came for 4 days with only 2 interruptions.  One had to go home to milk the cow.  She became the capable leader of the group.  See from the pictures, the sewing projects were completed and all were impressed with the results.  Now they are on their own and the “sky is the limit”!  Please pray that their skills will increase, that the machines will work, and that they can gain an income from their new found skills.     IT WAS GOD who gave me the desire to tell the school children the story of Noah and the Flood.  They made colored rainbows and a Noah puppet complete with a 3D umbrella! As a retired teacher, I marveled how God has blessed PAAV with 2 Christian teachers.  In January, 2017, a 2nd grade will be added, and I hope you will pray for God to give a new teacher for that, a new classroom and the $80.00 a month salary.  Is this something you could help with?  Call Wanji or me if so.    On our last day, IT WAS GOD who brought 25 women (the 3G’s) to spend a few hours creating 25 necklaces. These were women I had taught 3 years ago, and I had a joyful reunion with them.  I have these necklaces with me to sell for them.  All the proceeds are given to them to better their lives.  Call me at 720 208 6848 and I will gladly show you what I have left.  They are all unique and affordable, and make lovely gifts.    IT WAS GOD who brought the caretaker David and his wife to PAAV.  He served as my interpreter in the classrooms and they cleaned up the rooms after our sewing and art and jewelry classes.  They served us tea and snacks on our last day. Their joyful Christian pride towards the New Hope Property was very evident. They are hard workers who love to keep everything clean and neat, all on a $100.00 a month salary.        Judy joins me in remembering how GOD used Mama Hannah, her daughters, sons, grandchildren and their spouses to smooth the way for us.  Without them, we would have had to find our own lodging, hail down taxis, or thumb our way to find Mama’s coffee trees, and 2 airports.

Judy and I were honored guests at family dinners hosted first by Wanji brother Mbugua and his wife Lydia, and later by Wanji’s sister Eunice and her husband Benson.

We ended our stay in Kenya with a 3 day and 2 night safari near the border of Tanzania and Kenya. We marveled at the animals like elephants, giraffes, hippos and lions, all free to roam in their natural habitat.  A clever baboon tried to enter our lodging rooms via the open balcony. When he found our doors and windows locked, he chose to climb on top of our roof and sit there.  He probably felt sorry that he had no sugar cubes to devour, or passports to chew on!    Our last 4 days were spent sightseeing in London. There too, we thanked God for Anne, our kind hostess.  She drove us to train stations, to Stonehenge, Bath and Buckingham Palace.  She inspired us with testimonies of how God is caring for her during, and after the sudden death of her husband, Chris. This lovely country with its rolling hills and friendly people was a fine way to end our 19 day adventure. Even on the London Eye, we felt like being on top of”14 footer” in Colorado!  But, too soon it was time to fly home to Denver!   My memories of this PAAV trip live on in the photo books and in my mind!-never to be forgotten.     Perhaps I have not flown those 16,000 miles twice without whetting your appetite to do the same!     There is much more to be done for PAAV in Gitommbo B, Kenya.   Will you pray for, and give to, and work for this project as God leads?     IT WILL BE GOD who paves your way- “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength”!  Isaiah 30:5   He did it for me and Judy, and He will do it for you!

Written by Glea Rietema-Scholten




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Challenge Match of $6,000.00

Hello everyone!   Here is the great news that I have received:

For New Hope School to do a better vegetable garden and keep chickens we needed more land than we currently own (.8 and .6 acres).  Next to the .6 acres we bought is another .6 next to it. Land is very hard to get in Gitombo B. The availability of this piece of land and the fact that the owner wants to sell it to the school is a huge blessing.  I have received a challenge match of $6,000.00. See the communication below:

“We would like to offer a challenge match donation for the purchase of the land that is to cost about  $12,000.  We will match current and future donations up to $6,000 towards the purchase of the land.  We are hoping that this challenge match will spur others to contribute. “

I am very encouraged by this great offer and your offer as you give to match this challenge!  “Every dollar counts.”  Please give as the Lord leads you so we can rejoice together and the children can enjoy gardening.

“Give in proportion to what you have..” 2 Corinthians 8: 11

Thank you for wanting to do this. Remember, you can send checks to:

9005 E Lehigh Ave, #40,  Denver CO 80237, or make payments here on our website.  All donations are tax-deductible.


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August 2016 Update

Hello Friends!

It is my prayer that you are all doing well. I am well and so grateful to God for all He is doing and has done through you! Your great support in prayers, encouragement, and finances is greatly appreciated. You have and continue to make a difference in Gitombo, especially in the lives and education of the the children.

If you had read the July Newsletter, you may want to read it again, or just go to the last page, page 4 that has the latest update. For those who had not seen it please enjoy reading all what God has and is doing in Gitombo through your wonderful giving.

The Dawson Flyer October 8th Concert Flyer (click to download) gives you more details on the October 8th concert. I am so grateful to Sarah and her music team for offering to do this for New Hope School, Gitombo B. I look forward to seeing you there.

Here is the August Newsletter Update (go to page 4) – August 2016 Newsletter (click to download).

Please remember that it is now possible to make tax-deductible donations on line in our website:

If you would like to be in the team going to Gitombo next year. I am waiting to hear people’s choice any time between: May- September. Please let me know your preference.

I would love to hear from you too and hear how you are. Any questions, comments, suggestions are always welcome.


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Photo Gallery from May-June 2016 Trip to Gitombo

This gallery contains 22 photos.


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July 2016 PAAV-Gitombo Newsletter

Hello friends!

Read about our April banquet, our May-June trip to Gitombo, and the wonderful progress God is making on projects and among the people in our adopted village!

PAAV Gitombo News July 2016

IMG_0072 IMG_0015 DSCN1448 IMG_3094


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