we are 80 now

The children have increased and grown. We now have 80 children at NEWHOPE school.


While in the US Chaplain Wanji visited with different people and Churches in Denver, CO and in Vancouver, Washington State. In all her meetings she presented the needs of PAAV Gtombo Community School; As of now she can happily say that some of the most pressing needs have been covered. 

Highline Community Church will help us hire a teacher to help our challenged children.  And from Wanji’s visit in Vancouver, Washington State, a group of seven people will come in August to impact different schools in Kenya. God is so good. This group which includes special needs teachers will spend 2-3 days at New Hope in August to meet the challenged children, train the teachers and the parents. Most in the group are special needs specialists.

We shipped several bins of Christian books and other things including knitting machines, yarn, printers, etc. donated by two churches and some individual donors. Besides donating books, the Lord of the HillsChurch in Aurora, provided PAAV with a great packing station, their members helped in packing and in transportation. A substantial amount of the shipment cost was covered by Dr. Bailey, a compassionate dentist in Denver. The Connections Church, where we had held the PAAV Banquet gave several boxes of good Christian books. The shipment is now at sea and will God willing, get to Kenya in August. We have a two room- library with books for adults but relatively few books for  the younger children but none for the middle school children. The books coming will fill that gap. We need help in buying Kenyan books.

To make the library more accessible, we have constructed an external stair that will also function as an exit route from Soma house, the main education building in case of an emergency. 

As NewHope school grows so is the food need.  We now have 80 children. Thanks be to God! The donated packaged grains’ mix  from Nairobi Ridgeways Baptist Church helps us to feed the children at least one meal a day. We are taking advantage of the rainy season to grow our own school food (collard greens, beans and maize) to alternate the meals.  We however, need help with buying food cooking oil, sugar, etc. 

Good news out of a dinner conversation with a couple in Denver during is worth sharing!  The couple offered to buy a cow so the children can get milk! Now that entails much more than just buying a cow! Their donation will help build a cow shed, and hire a care taker.  I have already identified a pregnant cow, and a care taker. Both are waiting for the cowshed and the caretaker’s house to be ready so they can move in into our New Hope Shamba (land). Please be praying for the cow to deliver a female calf and to give sufficient milk to add to the children’s porridge. The plan is to take the evening milk to a Dairy Co-Op not too far from us. Thanking God for this mission-minded wonderful couple! We are yet to name the cow.

Thank you Lord for the Highline Community Church and their kindness. They offered to buy us the school stoves and pots. Soon we will say “bye bye” to the smoke and complicated cooking in the open fire. We can’t wait for that to happen. As you read please pray and see how God will use you in the meal and milk provision to the children. Your continued and regular donations will help us continue to feed the children.

The face of the New Hope Community School and Center continues to change, with the additions of more buildings.  We now have:


Soma is a Swahili word with different meanings: Read, Learn, Be educated. This is the main school building.


 The Container house connected to a classroom that now houses an office and two classrooms.


Baraka means blessing.This house has indeed been a blessing to us especially during the rainy season. 

Barbara, a PAAV member in Ireland was used by God in making Baraka House a reality!

We now have a multi-purpose house that today functions as a dining room, community room, and Chapel.  

God bless Barbara and all of you who have contributed to make a lasting difference at Gitombo Coomunity Schoolthrough PAAV. The Kitchen is adjacent to Baraka House. Soon we will have  stoves installed!

bidii House

 Bidii is a Swahili word meaning hard work, diligence, effort.Bidii House is currently under construction. We are relatively constrained for space in the classrooms.

Bidii house will
soon be completed with your help.

 It will include a multi-purpose hall and a classroom. To complete it we need to pay for labor, buy stones, ballast, sand , cement, nails, iron sheets, timber, etc. For timber, we buy and cut trees.  We need your help to complete Bidii house for our growing school

We buy the fabric and our seamstress and her team make the uniforms. We hope that soon we will be in a position to make warm sweaters at New Hope. 

Janna’s Visit: Janna, a courageous and open high school graduate from near Darmstadt,Germany will be at New Hope from June to December. She is taking one year gap before medical school to travel, get to know different cultures and volunteer at New Hope. She has led a scouts group, plays the guitar, is passionate about children, and people in general. She has a lot to offer the children. Please pray that we too have a lot to offer so her time with us will bring mutual fulfilment.

There are many opportunities to support New Hope


There are many opportunities to support New Hope


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There are many opportunities to support 

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