Soma is a Swahili word with different meanings: Read, Learn, Be educated. This is the main school building.


 The Container house connected to a classroom that now houses an office and two classrooms.


Baraka means blessing.This house has indeed been a blessing to us especially during the rainy season. 

Barbara, a PAAV member in Ireland was used by God in making Baraka House a reality!

We now have a multi-purpose house that today functions as a dining room, community room, and Chapel.  

God bless Barbara and all of you who have contributed to make a lasting difference at Gitombo Coomunity Schoolthrough PAAV. The Kitchen is adjacent to Baraka House. Soon we will have  stoves installed!

bidii House

 Bidii is a Swahili word meaning hard work, diligence, effort.Bidii House is currently under construction. We are relatively constrained for space in the classrooms.


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There are many opportunities to support 

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