WHere we work

gitombo village

from nairobi

Capital city 

Primary School

No secondary or tertiary institution

health centers

Residents walk long distances to access clinics

About gitombo

Gitombo is about 35 kilometers from Nairobi (Capital city of Kenya). The condition of the roads is bad, making a half hour drive into an hour or more.As per the agriculture of the area, coffee is predominant. Nappier grass and generally any edible cattle feeding flora, is highly prized as the villagers are dairy farmers. Moreover, they rear cows, chicken, goats, sheep, geese, turkey and rabbits.


Farmers in Gitombo experience agricultural problems such as poor or failed harvest due to failed rains.

 Secondly, they are devastated by pests like moles and porcupines. Sadly the area has only a single primary school, Gitombo Primary, and no secondary or tertiary institution.Neither does it have any clinic or health center. 

The residents have to walk a long distance to access a health center.Contrastingly, the area has multi-denominational christian faiths, namely: Catholic & Presbyterian..

Employment and education opportunities are extremely limited. 

PAAV is dedicated to empowering the people of Gitombo through education and practical skills. 

We work in partnership with the Gitombo community, in breaking their cycle of historic poverty through long-term

 educational and empowerment programs

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