For more than 7 years, PAAV International has partnered with the Gitombo community in central Kenya to empower youth in the region through education and skills training so that they may improve social and economic conditions in the community. 

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Sponsorship with PAAV Ministries is one of the ways you can Make A Difference. We need sponsors to help us provide for the needs of the children.

Monthly or yearly child sponsor ships provide food, clothing, medical care, school fees, shelter, utilities, Christian education and life skills training for children.  You can also help by supporting a classroom.

Sponsorship makes a HUGE impact on the lives of these children and we can’t overemphasize its importance!  Check out all the ways you can Make A Difference

Make A Difference

Special Building Projects

Construction of essential buildings and support facilities has been a foundational part of our mission from day one.

Clean water, sanitation, and school are prerequisites for education, hygiene, healthcare and vocational training. The impact on the people we serve is huge.

Make A Difference

Specific Ministry Needs

Some examples might be funds to cater for the everyday running of the school, land needed for growing food, school fees  we evaluate the required costs.  If there are unallocated funds available, we will pay for the individual or ministry need.  If money is not available, we make the need known to our donors to see if someone would like to give financially to the cause.  Check out our Projects Page to see what we are doing or see other ways to give to get involved.

Make A Difference


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 Our goal is to ensure that the Gitombo community live life in all its fullness. To achieve this, we work in Gitombo village to find solutions to health, education, food, water and sanitation challenges.Our work is holistic and impacts the lives of children, their families, households and communities. Through a bottom-up participatory process, we work with the community to address problems affecting them. Our goal is to empower them to break away from the poverty cycle..


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