Our programs support our mission of partnering with the Gitombo people of Central Kenya to improve education, nutrition, and economic conditions in the region.

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Our volunteers are the backbone of Adopt-a-Village in Gitombo. We offer many different opportunities to participate on a variety of different levels and welcome you to join us.

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We sincerely thank you for supporting our programs to bring educational opportunities, water and better nutrition to the Gitombo community.

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God works in
amazing ways

God works in amazing ways! On a flight from Frankfurt to Nairobi, Chaplain Wanji sat next to a Kenyan Pastor who was coming home from a mission in New York. As they talked and got to know each other, he promised to include New Hope School to receive donated food. 


daily Meal

As our school grows so is the food need.  We now have 80 children. Thanks be to God! The donated packaged grains’ mix  from Nairobi Ridgeways Baptist Church helps us to feed the children at least one meal a day. We are taking advantage of the rainy season to grow our own school food (collard greens, beans and maize) to alternate the meals. We need your help with buying food cooking oil, sugar, etc.

feed a child


Our Program

feeding program

Good nutrition is an essential foundation for health and development, yet malnutrition continues to be a very serious contributor to poor health among the children in the School. Addressing malnutrition is our top most priority.

wholesome education

Less than 30 percent of children in Gitombo graduate from primary school. While Kenya’s Ministry of Education requires that the country’s official languages of Swahili and English be taught in primary schools, it is not always possible

class sponsorship

Most children in this remote region of Gitombo have little opportunity for schooling. On average, only 30 percent of children complete primary school

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