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From: “Wanjiru Mukunga” <>
To: “WANJIRU MUKUNGA” <>, “PAAV International Ministries” <>
Sent: Friday, May 5, 2017 8:03:16 AM
Subject: Fwd: PAAV MAD in Gitombo Banquet 4/29 – Thank you!

Dear Friends!

The PAAV Banquet last Saturday was a huge success!
As I write I am thinking of you and every other PAAV partner! Thank you for your great support towards PAAV to adopt Gitombo, empower the people of Gitombo B to transform this small community in Kenya. Your prayers, encouraging thoughts and kind donations did make the event a success! How we thank God for the Banquet Committee for the way they invested themselves using their gifts, talents and creative skills to make the Saturday event successful! They deserve a good pat on the back!
In spite of the snowstorm we had a full house of great time with the silent auction, Kenyan food, entertainment from the African Band &Isukuti Dancers!
So how did we do? In total we raised close to $20,000.00! Adding the pre sent -Banquet donations gives us a much bigger figure. Moreover, we continue to receive checks from those who were not able to attend the Banquet last Saturday. Thank you all! soon, we will hit the $50,000 mark! All by God’s grace. I will keep you posted. Our target is getting over $50,000.00 to get at least one of the two pieces of land (shamba) on sale. I will be doing  a follow-up Shamba drive to reach more people so we do not miss the opportunity to buy this land (shamba)
For now, let us celebrate the Banquet success! To God be the glory! Thank you all for your great support!
Smiling Wanji

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