Celebrating the Life of Waithera “Wagicunji” Cege

The lady whose picture has been featured in the PAAV website and has appeared in many of our PAAV communication died on  Wednesday August. 24, 2016.

wagicunjiOur condolences go to her family and the entire Gitombo B community as they grieve the loss of a long standing member of the community and one whose life has been intertwined in all forms of development in Gitombo B Village.

On my part I feel the loss because Mrs Waithera Cege known in Gitombo village as “Wagicunji,” has been tied up with PAAV. since we started the ministry in Gitombo B.  This goes to that day in 2009 when I met her on the road. The above is the picture I took then during my visit/encounter with her. After we parted I was so convicted/challenged to do something about her and indeed the whole village. That day I remembered her as she used to be when I was a little girl. Yet, nothing seemed to have changed that much. I had. She had spent most of her life carrying firewood or fetching water, without shoes, change of clothes and not enough to eat. Yet she worked hard everyday like most people in the community. Her son died some years back and left her  to take care of his children.

2013 Trip with Wagicunji on the right

I am so glad that PAAV brought her some joy. Her granddaughter, the only student we have in high school, is sponsored through PAAV. Since we made water accessible in Gitombo B, Wagicunji did not have to go far to fetch water. She has been able to witness the first school in Gitombo B – New Hope School and joyous children going and coming from school! Her dreams to see basic needs available, in this case water and education have been partly been fulfilled.

Wagicunji is finally HOME! Let us pray for her family and especially her grand daughter who is our only secondary school student sponsored through PAAV – pray that she will grow and develop to become all that her grandmother envisioned and prayed for. Thank you for her sponsor!

Thank you for allowing me to share that. God bless you for making a difference in her life and the Gitombo Community

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  1. Celebrating her Heavenly homecoming!!! May God give her family comfort during this time of having to say Good bye!

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