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Hello everyone!

I have been talking to a shipping agent who ships things to Kenya! My dream and prayer finally answered. I will go to U-Haul and buy boxes and we can fill them with items needed for the Sunday School in Gitombo B. Large boxes will cost about $200.

I am looking for drama clothes for the over 100 children – now known as Gitombo B Sunday School that has been meeting every Sunday afternoon! This has been so exciting for the community. They are practicing singing, and doing a Christmas skit to present to the community at Christmas. A first time Community Christmas! I am so excited about this. They need clothes, musical instruments, (harmonicas?) other objects etc… from Dollar Tree, Family Dollar or whatever you have and can donate.. ideas?

So here is a list:
Children’s Books and Bibles, Veggie Tales (we have electricity at the school now)
Bibles – including Study Bibles – what you have in your house and do not use
Shoes, T-Shirts, sweaters etc

We can fill the boxes this weekend so they can be picked before next week to make it before Christmas

When you hear this you may also be thinking “I wish I could be there and help organize the children and the school…” Could you? Please let me know!

I look forward to hearing from you.

On another note, I am so thankful to the $6,000 challenge match. Thank you to the “challengers,” and to those who have responded so positively! We are very close to meeting the $6,000.00 match. Another $2,500.00 needed. If you can help with that, please do!

Have a blessed day!

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