Challenge Match of $6,000.00

Hello everyone!   Here is the great news that I have received:

For New Hope School to do a better vegetable garden and keep chickens we needed more land than we currently own (.8 and .6 acres).  Next to the .6 acres we bought is another .6 next to it. Land is very hard to get in Gitombo B. The availability of this piece of land and the fact that the owner wants to sell it to the school is a huge blessing.  I have received a challenge match of $6,000.00. See the communication below:

“We would like to offer a challenge match donation for the purchase of the land that is to cost about  $12,000.  We will match current and future donations up to $6,000 towards the purchase of the land.  We are hoping that this challenge match will spur others to contribute. “

I am very encouraged by this great offer and your offer as you give to match this challenge!  “Every dollar counts.”  Please give as the Lord leads you so we can rejoice together and the children can enjoy gardening.

“Give in proportion to what you have..” 2 Corinthians 8: 11

Thank you for wanting to do this. Remember, you can send checks to:

9005 E Lehigh Ave, #40,  Denver CO 80237, or make payments here on our website.  All donations are tax-deductible.


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