Banquet Report

Dear Friends!

I want to say: thank you = nithengio = asante! to all of you who have supported PAAV to help the Gitombo B Community especially help provide water and education for the children!

I can say this without any hesitance “what a great evening we had! The Banquet was a success! It was a beautiful, colorful, inspiring, a great place to meet Gitombo B village, the chilldren, and get to meet and network with the people who attended. You all made the Banquet a success!

As of that night we raised almost $15, 000.00. With the pre and post Banquet donations I am sure the total will be much more. So thank you all who have given, offered prayer support, encouragement, and the great Banquet team that has been working so hard! Again: thank you = nithengio = asante!

You left your gifts (donations) with us. I hope you also took something with you! The PAAV pen donated by my unstoppable role model “Miss Glea,” so you remember to pray for PAAV and her as she prepares to go to Gitomb.

The children’s pictures that my friends Elaine and Jim Vander Kamp helped to package and make it such a lovely gift, to remind you to pray for the children and New Hope School!

Below are some pictures of the evening How I wish I could add our evening performers Denver UG “The Nest”  at the website too!

By the way if you took any pictures, please send and share! Thank all so much. I will be sending more communication soon. For now I wanted to say:  thank you = nithengio = asante!

Chaplain Wanji

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