Anonymous donor to match donations up to $2,500!

Hello everyone!

God is good and faithful!

This is the message I have received this morning:

“I would like to make an offer to match donations working toward the $5,000.00.  I will match the sum of donations up to $2,500.00 so if you have others that would like their donations matched we can reach the $5,000.00. If others will donate the $2,500.00 needed then I will match the other $2,500.00.  This is an anonymous contribution.” 

God bless the anonymous donor!

I believe that very soon the other amount will come and we will get the water pumped to the school, electricity, and the fencing and landscaping done – targeting the rains. As the Lord touches you, give as you are able. Every dollar counts. Blessings to you as you give.

Have a wonderful day!

Chaplain Wanji

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  1. Hi Wanji, Nice to hear from you and about the situation/progress at the school. We are able to send $150 gift. How should we do this for you to get matching funds—check thru mail? It turns out we are not moving across the alley until maybe next February. So the things we thought we could donate are not available now. We leave for France on April 12, so we will not be able to come to the banquet. May He bless it greatly! I remain willing to advise on educational matters. Tom Hancock


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