January Letter

Dear Friends

Since this is PAAV first communication in 2016, allow me to say Happy New Year!

Take a few minutes to read the attached January Newsletter with pictures of the first day of school in the new building and information about our upcoming Banquet in April 2016. Click on the link below to open up the newsletter.

January 2016 PAAV Newsletter 5

The year has started well – thanking God for your help and great support. As you will find out from the attachment, the children opened school in their new school building! What a milestone! We have come along way and have seen how partnership can accomplish much more than one or two people. You have done it. So please say thank you to God and yourself in the support you have given to PAAV this past year.

It has been so touching for me to hear how excited everyone is to see the first school in GitomboB. I know we have a long way to go, but I think it is okay to acknowledge and celebrate small beginnings. For me, this part is not small but huge, knowing what this milestone means in the village of GitomboB.

I will try all I can to keep you posted. This week and next week the team in GitomboB is finalizing on putting tiles on the floor, painting, making paved pathways in and out of the building and to the pit latrines. Landscaping is also going on. Remember this was a family home and outside they had planted napier grass for cows. This has been quite a task removing “thangari” a tough African deep-rooted grass weed that chokes other good plants and then digging the grounds in preparation for landscaping with a better type of grass, bushes, and flowers all around the building. 

There are still many needs like paying a watchman/ care taker, ferrying water etc.

Water remains a big challenge! There have been many conversations on the best way to provide water to the school and the surrounding homes on the western side of Gitombo B. When PAAV first started the water project we focused on the eastern of Gitombo B. Historically and culturally the eastern and western sides of Gitombo B have always been separate entities. After water was brought to the eastern side of Gitombo B, the western side has been requesting us to extend water to them as well. Due to some of the problems we had with water sufficiency last year, we were unable to extend water into the western side of Gitombo B. As only God would have it, the New Hope School is located on the western side. The water problem is huge in the whole area. Someone is checking to see if we are allowed to dig another bore hole. In the meantime, buying a booster pump is the recommendation from Davies and Shirtliff, the company that has been helping us with the water needs of the village.

If you are in a position to, please send a donation to help with the purchasing of the booster pump.  

Your support in all ways keeps me going. It is such a good feeling to see how your support is making a difference in children’s lives.

“Whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40)

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