December Letter

Hello Friends,

I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones Merry Christmas!

As chaplain, I am aware that this season produces different feelings of both joy and sorrow. As matter of fact today I am doing a memorial service. And so as I write, I am thinking of families who have lost loved ones, people who are confined, lonely, people struggling and going through different transitions and may feel a bit pressured to be joyful. However, we have reason to be joyful and own that joy deep down in our hearts.

The whole month most of us have been thinking of the constant Advent of God in our lives and his message of “comfort, comfort my people, says your God…” as per Isaiah 40. I have been sharing that message even as I myself hold on to it. Presently, I am reflecting on Mary’s response to the Angelic visitation and greeting in Luke 1:26-38. Mary said, with great courage and faith “let it be according to your word…” in short, “Here I am Lord.” and sang the “Magnificat” (Luke 1:46-55).  I am drawing a lot from “Mary full of grace” and encourage others to magnify the Lord and rejoice in the Lord God our Savior during this Christmas season.

In GitomboB the Christmas season begins next week and continues through January 1. There may be no Christmas trees, Santa or wrapped gifts but both December 24 and 25 are huge days of celebration of the Messiah’s birth.

And so as you celebrate, please remember the children of GitomboB and let us provide them with education. Hard to imagine what my life, your life or our children’s lives would look like without education. May we cease this opportunity to make a difference in GitomboB. At the visitation, the Angel Gabriel said: “For nothing is impossible with God,”

Please see the attached Newsletter (click on the link below) with opportunities to give and the invite to the GitomboB May-June 2016 visit for those who can.

PAAV Gitombo Update December 2015

Blessed Merry Christmas & Blessed Happy New Year 


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