Banquet Update


Thanking God for you all! Our banquet hosts Dori and Gail, all those who helped organize and participat, all who attended the event, and all who have given.

Asante sana=Thank you very much!  We are now almost at $7,000.00. I know the checks will continue to come and get the remaining  about $12,000.00 done soon.

So please help bring that figure down. Every dollar counts.

The remodeling will soon start in Gitombo. We at the board are in communication with Gitombo. God be with you all as you plan to make a difference in a child’s life in Gitombo.

Thank you all so much!   Blessings . . . . Wanji

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cleaning 10 cleaning 9 cleaning 8 cleaning 7 cleaning 6

cleaning 1 cleaning 3 cleaning 4 cleaning 5

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