PAAV International Ministries in GitomboB—November 2015

 Help Keep the Wheels Turning for GitomboB

We now have the land now with the big house (below). We have eager children wanting to learn. What’s next?

Preparations must be made for the start of school in January 2016. The house seems intact on the outside but it’s a shell on the inside, and it has been vandalized horribly! All you see is not all you get!

What does that take?. We need to pay for the roof, installation of doors, windows, electricity and water in the house. We are praying for phase one $20,000 for the remodel to have at least two classrooms, a library, the roof and pit latrines done.

With the help of Adobe Photoshop, we have magically combined two photos to provide a vision of how the New Hope School (NHS) can look like in the future with your help.School Merge Photo

This letter comes to you who is reading about PAAV for the first time, to offer you an opportunity to be MAD (make a difference) in Gitombo and be blessed. The letter also comes to you who have given before and your may feel a bit “pressured?” Please note – no pressure! I write as the Lord guides me and leads. Who knows who is in a position to give? So please do not feel pressured. The letter goes to all the people that the Lord has put in my life. Remember you can only give what you have been given and able to share!

For some weeks now I have been sitting before the Lord praying and seeking him as to how to:

One, to get the New Hope School house roof fixed! Last month I sent to Gitombo the $7,000.00 donated from the October 3 event. The leaders in Gitombo had joyfully started on the remodeling of the house so the children will start school in January. However, when the October rains started, they discovered that the roof was leaking big time! So all the remodeling efforts have now turned to the fixing of the roof and that is costly. We need more funds than we had anticipated.

Two, I have been informed that the water pump developed some problems, and had been lifted and sent to Davis and Shirtliff in Nairobi, the only good bore hole experts. They have visited the Gitombo borehole site and given us an invoice. At $ they will not only fix the pump but will also maintain it. Thankfully, at the PAAV board we have people with talents on water boreholes and are conversant with what is going on- a huge benefit!

You may be in a position to give $10,000 or more, $5,000.00, 3,000, $2000, 1,000, $500, $200, $100, $50, $25 or the whole amount needed, or whatever the Lord puts in your heart to give. Every dollar counts. So please be at peace to give your tax-deductible end-of-year donations or donate what you can towards these PAAV efforts especially during this time of Thanksgiving.

Gitombo Mission Trip May-June 2016

Some of you have expressed the desire to go to Gitombo on mission. Here is your chance. In May-June you can plan to come to Gitombo for 2-3 weeks. You will stay at the house. Your presence will entail being in Gitombo, meeting people, helping repair the house, meet/teach the children and impart some lifetime skills to a child, work with the Teachers; share the Gospel; and then end with a 4 day 5 nights Safari. If you would or know of anyone who would like to go earlier than those dates to go help with the on-going remodeling or whatever the Lord lays in your heart, please let me know.

Once I hear from you I will make the necessary arrangements.

I look forward to hearing from you

Happy Blessed Thanksgiving!

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