Photos From GitomboB – May/June 2015

Photos from Gitombo B of the school and the children.

Here are some photos from my trip to Gitombo B in May and June of this year. I will post more photos of the village fundraising activity very soon.

Wanji-Teacher-Children WanjiTeacherBox WanjiEldersComputer Wanji with Children MenComputer GirlWithCookie ChildrenShoes BoyWithCookie

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1 Response to Photos From GitomboB – May/June 2015

  1. Glea Rietema-Scholten says:

    I see how the preschool children liked the new shoes from Denver friends. And the male leadership will be putting the new computer to good use. Now communication between Gitombo B and PAAV will be time and money saving. Praise God!! Glea and Dr. Bill

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