PAAV Banquet Report

May 2015

Dear Friend/s

Making A Difference (MAD) in Gitombo

I want to thank you for your support of the PAAV Banquet on Thursday, April 23. It was a very well attended, wonderful and interesting evening. We raised $21, 250.00 for PAAV—and the donations continue to come in. As of today we have a grand total of $34,500.00 minus expenses toward our multipurpose building in which a school for children ages 3-6 years old will be housed. This means that we have $65,500.00 to go! Whether you provided items for auction, bought dinner tickets or gave donations you have been a MAD participant in this PAAV milestone.

The people of Gitombo are also organizing a fundraising event commonly known in Kenya as Harambee, a phenomena whereby every person has an opportunity to contribute what they can. This gives each villager a sense of ownership of the project. So, I encourage you to continue to give towards this construction also in order that the school can begin to be an agent of change in the transformation of Gitombo.

PAAV is also looking for sponsors for 5 other children ages 8-13 years to attend boarding schools. Each sponsorship costs about $90.00 per month, which includes school tuition, boarding fees, and the purchase of necessary items, such as bedding, hygiene, uniforms, and books. Every donation is tax-deductible and is sent to an account that in turn sends the monies directly to the school.

On another note, I will be travelling to Kenya on Tuesday, May 19, and will return on June 19. I look forward to being in Gitombo, seeing the children and meeting with the village leadership. Upon my return I will send out pictures and more information on the progress we are making in Gitombo. By the way, if you received a multi-colored key-chain at the Banquet, please use it to remind you to pray for  PAAV and Gitombo B. Together we are stronger. Thank you again!

Your friend and partner in Christ,

Chaplain Wanjiru Mukunga,
PAAV Founder and President

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  • Glea Rietema-Scholten
    Posted June 9, 2015 7:26 pm

    It was our privilege to attend the banquet in April. And to hear that God is blessing PAAV with donations for the building project thrills our souls. It is our prayer that all the students who want to go to school get the needed sponsors, We will be eager to hear the Gitombo B news when you get back to Denver in 10 days. May God give you safety and strength. Your friends, Glea.and Dr. Bill

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