Welcome to Project Adopt A Village

Thanks for visiting Project Adopt A Village (PAAV).

We have a mission, and a purpose to our project, and we invite you to come with us on our journey.  Thank you for stopping by our website to find out more information about us, our project, the why and the how.  We invite you to explore the site in it’s entirety to get a better feel of why this is so important, not just to the Village, but to everyone.

Visit the Project Update page and read about Wanji’s December 2012-Jan 2013 trip to Gitombo and an update on the water project.

Visit the Volunteer page and learn about our friend’s Glea’s fundraising efforts on behalf of Project Adopt A Village and her upcoming visit to Gitombo!

Say hello to a few of the Gitombo B Residents.  They are why we do this!

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2 Responses to Welcome to Project Adopt A Village

  1. Audrey Veldhouse says:

    Hi…sure would be fun to be at the banquet but impossible for me…..I am going on a bus trip to Wash. D.C. March 22 to April 1 and have to give a talk at Chr High on April 18 so I better stay put. Hope and pray it will be successful. Audrey

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