Paav gitombo

" To give hope and opportunity
to the children of Gitombo
through a Christ- centered education."

More Than Academics

gitombo village

PAAV’S mission is to educate the underprivileged children in Gitombo village in a Christian environment by creatively tapping the potential in each child to become the person God intended them to be according to His plan and purpose.

We accomplish our mission

Through four specific approaches

Child Sponsorship

Provision of Donated Goods

Clothing, medicine, school supplies

Special Building Projects

Water, Building and Infrastructure​

Donation For specific Needs

Ministry, Education, Healthcare


PAAV has been working steadily since 2011, growing and evolving in response to the needs and strengths of the Gitombo community where we work. We credit our many successes to the dedication of our donors and volunteers and the Gitombo community.​

“Just like you, someone helped
me get education and exposure,
I feel compelled to make a difference”

Chaplain Wanjiru "Wanji" Mukunga