" To give hope and opportunity to the children of Gitombo through Christ- centered education."


 For more than 9 years, PAAV International has partnered with the Gitombo community in central Kenya to empower youth in the region through education and skills training so that they may improve social and economic conditions in the community. 

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” – B.B. King ​

You can make a difference.

Education can change the entire course of a child’s life in Gitombo village


PAAV’S mission is to educate the underprivileged children in Gitombo village in a Christian environment by creatively tapping the potential in each child to become the person God intended them to be according to His plan and purpose. (Jeremiah 29:11; Proverbs 22:6)​


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Education is “the passport to human development.” Sponsor-A-Classroom gives quality education to children. Education is the most powerful, sustainable resource to help our children change their lives and their communities. 


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Access to top school teachers, school supplies, and educational books are scarce and expensive.


PAAV Gitombo Community School has been providing education to vulnerable children in Gitombo village since 2014. For parents who cannot afford an education, PAAV Gitombo supports their child’s education for free – but, nothing is free. PAAV Gitombo School funds the learning materials, meals and teacher salaries.


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Read the profiles of each classroom and choose which one you’d like to support


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After signing up to empower your classroom you will receive an overview on the class and ways to connect with the teacher directly if you wish to do so


Communicate with the Students

You will receive letters or drawings from the children in your classroom once a term, and have a chance to exchange letters, lessons or knowledge

Education requires sustainable support.

When you
your contribution keeps
our school running.

Watch them Learn & Grow

The greatest gift is that of empowerment.
You provide the foundation for which our
teachers and children can build a better
tomorrow for themselves



Our programs support our mission of partnering with the Gitombo people of Central Kenya to improve education, nutrition, and economic conditions in the region.


Our volunteers are the backbone of Adopt-a-Village in Gitombo. We offer many different opportunities to participate on a variety of different levels and welcome you to join us.

We sincerely thank you for supporting our programs to bring educational opportunities, water and better nutrition to the Gitombo community.

Your thoughts

Praise God for your heart of love and compassion to help children change their circumstance, lives with the Power and Love of our True and Living God !!! Love"
Polly Sanders-Peterson
Thank you so much for the things you are doing to our village.
May God bless you and work of your hand"
Beth Wanjiku Gitau
Gitombo Village

You Too Can Make
A Difference

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Commit to pray for PAAV


Give financially towards PAAV


Use your gifts, skills and networks to serve in PAAV

naomi's dream

Just like any other child, Naomi dreams. Seeing an airplane go through her area fascinates her. She now has a dream to become a pilot! 

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You can make Naomi's dream
come to life.


Baraka means blessing.This house has indeed been a blessing to us especially during the rainy season. 

Barbara, a PAAV member in Ireland was used by God in making Baraka House a reality!

We now have a multi-purpose house that today functions as a dining room, community room, and Chapel.  

God bless Barbara and all of you who have contributed to make a lasting difference at Gitombo Coomunity Schoolthrough PAAV. The Kitchen is adjacent to Baraka House. Soon we will have  stoves installed!

bidii House

 Bidii is a Swahili word meaning hard work, diligence, effort.Bidii House is currently under construction. We are relatively constrained for space in the classrooms.

Bidii House


 The Container house connected to a classroom that now houses an office and two classrooms.